Zombotron 3

In the Zombotron 2 Time Machine game that collects the likes of the players with its first version, your aim is to complete the missions given to you by destroying the zombies that are not in the parts. You have to go through the doors in the chapters to do key missions and try to complete the chapter. You can find gold and magic weapons by opening the chests above the road. Loved zombie game Zombotron 2 Time Machine with the 3rd series now again with us. In this vote we will control a man who will join us who will have to go through the steps in the vote section, and we will fight against the zombie current that the radioactive surgeon has revealed. When we check the man with the WASD and DIRECTION keys in the rating, we must fire with the left button of our mouse by shooting the zombies with the weapon we are going to advance without dying throughout the machine. By pressing E, we can pass through the doors of the Zombotron 3 Time Machine game. We must stop the zombie movement by following the remaining bullets of our overturned weapons, which will be revealed. We will meet different zombies in each section and you will have a lot of fun with different buildings in this cast.

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