Uno Online

The fascinating card game UNO will help to pass away not one evening. In this game you can play with two computer contenders. RULES: The main task - the first among players to get rid of the cards issued to your hands. Cards can be discarded as follows: cards of the same color fall on cards of the same color in the common deck (for example: green to green). Cards of the same value can also be thrown off (for example, nine to nine). In addition, there are special cards that transfer a move or make your opponent type two or four additional cards. If you do not have any suitable cards, this does not mean that the game is over. Click the blue button on the gaming table and you will be given an additional card. (the control keys to this game, see above). You can play this game without downloading for free on the whole screen (press F11 to expand the game in full screen).

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