Ultimate Flash Sonic

The Ultimate Flash Sonic music is an interesting development created by MENACE.CH. This game is special in 8-bit graphics for kids especially for children and families. This is a hunting area because you meet your browser.

Reconstruct the game, you will join Sonic Adventure. You must fight with the enemy of the road, you meet the map of your position and your job is to protect the goal. The difference between the game is to select 4 characters: Canon, Blank, Low, and Sure sound. You must use the responsibility to kill the enemy. If you are fired from an enemy or assault, you can lose the number. If you do not have a color, if you kill you lose.

This game has two modes: the main game is the good cause and time sticker is the way you play with the time. If you like this game, you can make the gameplay of other people in the same game, such as hot stones, sunglasses ...

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