Trollface Quest 6

This time the adventure with Trollface Quest 6 is going on and we will try to do our duties by going through sporty adventures. Let's start to tell you how to pass the troll face quest 6 game to you as soon as you start to do sportive activities. You will see a trail head stolen in the 1st part of the board. In the first part, we will get the trail progressing again in the first section. We will take the screws that are connected to the bicycle and go to the second division afterwards. Let's click on the radio first, and then we will move on to the foot and hair of the man in this section. The third part is a complete chaos here Troll Face quest 6 Let's click on the character's head and hit him with a tennis racket to let him pierce the wall. Let's look at the overall outline of our game so that we can successfully complete it and achieve the goal of the troll head.

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