Toss The Turtle

The Toss The Turtle game is similar to the Yetisports, but is very different. In the game, we launch a turtle from a cannon, so that it flies further to shoot at it from the weapon, and you can also buy improvements for a longer flight. In the game you can buy new guns and weapons. There are scenes of violence and blood. With the thesis that the born to crawl can not fly, categorically disagrees with the bold Toss The Turtle. The dream of flying flickers in her soul from her early youth, but all previous attempts were unsuccessful. Your task is to use the reptile as a projectile and shoot it as far as possible. Compensate the lack of wings with diligence and perseverance! Guns, bombs and even jet backpacks all for you, as they say, and in order for Toss The Turtle to fly as high as possible! The task is not easy, but we are confident that you will be able to cope with it, is not it? And do not forget to collect denyuzhku to update equipment!

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