Swords and Souls

Swords and Souls - the legendary warrior is the most fascinating game in the arena-rpg genre, telling the story of a great warrior. At the disposal of the player will be a warrior capable of withstanding against the tenfold superior forces of the enemy. The Swords and Souls game begins in the room with the gladiators, in which you are immediately offered to take the fight and enter the arena. And in the first battle you will have to fight with several enemies. When the enemies are defeated, you will be allowed to leave the arena. Each battle gives gold, for which you can acquire various improvements in the form of weapons and armor for your hero. There is a store of magic goods selling various potions and shells, and there is also a training zone where the player will be able to work out techniques before entering the arena. The Swords and Souls game is beautiful and looks quite modern. It is three-dimensional, it has a city on which you can walk, in the city there are residents who talk about their own. The Swords and Souls game pays a lot of attention to small things, it is quite atmospheric, it has a good voice and music. Create a legendary warrior Swords and Souls will like and experienced players and beginners who are unfamiliar with computer games.

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