Super Mario Flash 2

Super Mario Flash 2 is a free adventure game. The game is based on agility and reflexes. The game takes the direction of a classic Mario. Wear blue overalls of our famous plumber and go to the rescue of Princess Peach. This time you will not let the infamous Bowser escape so well. As always, collect the maximum amount of gold, jump into the heads of the enemies to get rid of them, and when you grow up you have to consume the fungus and be bigger. The absolute king of platform games, Mario, is about to face his biggest challenge. Mamma Mia! Super Mario Flash 2 is a classic adventure game accompanied by a new journey to escape Princess Toadstool, the evil man who accompanies the Italian adventurer, from the evil man Bowser's clutches. Legendary pipes and sail on treacherous levels full of dangerous turtles, valleys, dangerous dragons and other dangerous things and obstacles. Help Mario secretly snatch passages, collect fragments, and jump through the levels of difficulty with hundreds of bad, slippery things. With really fast reflexes, you'll need two fast fingers and a cool head. The right king of Arcade, go!

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