StrikeForce Kitty 3 League

StrikeForce Kitty 3 League is back and this time they will face the world of raccoons in the final battle! The ultimate goal, of course, battle, destroy enemies and win the pleasure of the game! Fighting kittens Train a group of shock cat gladiators to defeat all competitors and win the league championship. Drag the warriors in the gym or click on the symbols on the left, to fill the need to send press, food to the NEXT DAY, pumping to the button of vibrancy, impact strength, speed and energy. The training is given for a limited time, and then you must enter the battle with the next enemy. On the PAIRING ORDER TODAY, you need to change your look and put it right if you are dragging on your pussy. You can buy costumes that allow you to have more strikes in the war, and your costumes give you victory. If someone is injured, they must be sent for treatment. In the STORE section, trainers' remedies are sold. To use additional attacks, you need to click through the battle on the left under the desired character.

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