Raze 3

Raze 3 life is in your hands. The enemies of Raze find the trail and they are attacked. You should not let rival enemies kill you. Will you be able to survive in a battle with your enemies and your survivors? You can get special weapons in the game with 1-2-3-0 keys. With these weapons you can kill them using your enemies. You have to know how to defend yourself before killing your enemies in this action-filled minute. If you defend, you can kill enemies more easily and you will not get much damage to yourself. The alien Alien forces have invaded the planet. If these dangerous alien forces that fill buildings with radioactive material and destroy people are not stopped, humanity will disappear. The fate of all mankind is in your hands. In the Raze 3 game, we are trying to destroy the alien Alien forces that want to take over the world and turn people into mutants. We wish you success in Raze Adventure 3 game.

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