Qwop is a fun game that combines skill, patience and constancy. We will have to make sure that our Olympic athlete travels the most distance possible, using the right combination using the QWOP keys, precisely. Today's game is called QWOP and is definitely the hardest running game in the world! Through these 4 keys you will command a disarticolatissimo runner trying to make a run of 100 meters. The reality will be very different, in fact to make this athlete move correctly is practically a very complicated sport! Our absolute record is 5.8 meters and more than that for us it is impossible to do, even if we have to admit to almost being able to make a backflip (lap of death) from standing still! Not to mention those 3 meters made all on their knees trudging centimeter after centimeter. On Youtube there are videos of people who have managed to finish all 100 meters, so you can do it but as in every sport you need training!

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