Mine Clone 3

This time, a new version of the game in the minecraft style, the continuation of the Mine Clone 3 series, was released on the WebGL platform. The game has no survival mode, only a sandbox, but judging by the availability of the ability to generate a map with enemies, while inactive, we still have to fight with them in later versions. In Mine Clone 3 you can collect materials and build the world from cubes as you please. But with the blocks in the game a real tension you'll have to sweat pretty much to collect a collection for the construction of even the seediest shed, not to mention some palaces and fortresses. Even the dynamite guys-developers clamped on each newly generated map you will have the opportunity to undermine the blocks only a dozen times.

In principle, the Mine Clone 3 game has more flaws than merits. The enemies do not understand that they are your enemies, the prey does not want to become a dinner, and at the time of trying to build your hut, you will definitely be afraid to scratch the adjacent terrain just one click on the cube and it will remain light for the rest of your life. The textures are poor, the functional is rather weak, and it all looks like some kind of crude project, the experiments of a man dreaming to recreate a real Meincraft. Knowing that this author has been trying to move forward with his game for more than 5 years and has not moved a step, one can only sympathize with him, but. In practice, it is necessary to show compassion not to him, but to those people who, under the sign play free online in maynkraft this creation is presented.

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