Learn To Fly 3

The Learn to Fly 3 game is another sequel to a series of stories about the penguin, who did not regret putting up with his destiny. In it, as before, you need to teach the guy flying. However, in the previous two versions you did not do very well, but in this, we hope, everything will be more productive. The fact is that before your pupil could overcome a very small space, but I would really like to fly far away. So you need to play more thoughtfully, perhaps, replace the plan or use some technical innovations.

This time you have to play not even on Earth - the penguins set their sights on the cosmos. But there are vague doubts that they will succeed. Though with what the devil is not joking in "Learn to Fly 3" these birds have everything they want, possibly, and the spacecraft will be discharged. Now to use simple objects, as it was before, is too shallow. It came to the rockets. But the game Learn to Fly 3 will not give a rocket to an inexperienced cosmonaut. To deserve the opportunity to use it, you need to experience several falls, failures and painful sensations. Here the main thing is not to give up and repeat attempts until they can be called successful. Take off as high as possible, but do not get frustrated if you fall. Without it, you know, anywhere. Despite the failure, some amount of balls you will still fall, but of course, I would like it to be high.

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