Hobo 7

Hobo 7 - Heaven ordinary vagabond, and what adventures fate has prepared for him! Nowhere is there no rest for the poor homeless. But all the tests he passes boldly and aggressively, whether it be a prison in the world of people, or the real hell circles of hell. Once in the fiery hyena, this guy battled the devil himself, for which he was given the right to ascend to heaven, and cross the threshold of paradise. True, inside it were not so happy. Given the cruelty and unprincipledness of our hero, the angels took up arms against him with their whole brotherhood. Hobo 7 heavens met no less decisively than all the other difficulties. Of course, the tramp hoped to rest, but what can you do if they throw themselves at you with their fists. We have to protect, and personally beat the muzzles to the angels. Do it now, since you came here. Few had the opportunity to pin down the holy seraphim, and few have the strength to do so. Let the homeless man break his way through the paradise booths. Gradually, he will learn to attack opponents in increasingly cunning ways. As usual, you can use surrounding objects as weapons. Let the winged adversaries get their heads on their heads with their heavy golden chairs. And what awaits you at the end of this path, and whether to meet, by chance, God himself at the last gate?

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