GTA 5 game is to go to the places shown to you on the map and earn money by taking the customers from there and taking them to places shown to you again on the map. When you earn money you can modify your car with these money and buy new cars. Customer satisfaction in the vote should not crash very seriously and you should not hit the heels. Asking what happens if the bullfighting brother hits the plateau? If the hurricane hits the traffic policeman, they will come and catch you. You can also pay the penalty as they ended the GTA5 game. The bullfighter says, "My trip with the car is a bit of a question. Look, the car's gasoline ends, then there is a speedometer on the bottom left and gasoline on the bottom right. You can not fix it when the car breaks when the money ends. Look, if you want to watch the video we have prepared dombivli, you will learn that this long-running Grand Theft Auto game is played with the arrow keys on the keyboard. With the R button you can turn the radio of the car on and off. When you come to the green area in front of the garage, you can enter the garage by pressing the Space key. A game you can play for hours on end.

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