G Switch 3

He has fast legs, and his speed is hard to beat. Join this runner in the race for a futuristic city in this adventure G-Switch 3 game. He will need your help when he jumps over rotating saws and ignores the force of gravity. Arcade games in the style of runners, are some of the most interesting games, because they can spend a lot of time without noticing it. Another similar arcade called G-switch 3 can also become an incredible temporary "failure". Here you need to control a running character that can run on any surface. But note that on the road there may be obstacles. To round them click on any button and then the character will move to another plane, that is, to the ceiling. Time for the jump should be selected carefully, because you can fall out of the map, and in that case you will lose. But the level does not have to be replayed, since there is a system of checkpoints. Having reached the control point, the result is saved. And in the future you can start the level from this point. There are several modes in the game. The first is the levels that are getting harder. And the second is infinite. In this mode, you can run the race until the moment you get bored. In this mode, you can also earn game points, which will then be displayed in the high scores table.

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