Feed Us 5

Piranha is surrounded by evil enemies! Feed her. A Feed Us 5 game that does not fit for every player. Its essence lies in the fact that you control a hungry piranha, which has long been hungry and very hungry. Here you have to guide the fish so that it can eat as many living things as possible. From this you gain extra points. To control the evil piranha, you just need to drive your mouse along the water, and it will float just behind it. To fish began to eat a person, you do not need to press anything, she will do everything herself. If you click on the mouse button, your character will simply accelerate, pushing away. This you can use in those cases when you need to drastically swim to a person so that he does not have time to get into the boat. Also, you can eat different fish that will come across on the way, however, you will need to eat them much more. Be careful, people can shoot you with a gun. The whole game is accompanied by unusual music and sounds that make it even more frightening, and the player is given more enthusiasm. Go on an exciting journey with the fish and try to feed it. You will play for the predatory piranha, which the people have enclosed in the aquarium and look at it as if in a circus. Take revenge on them! Jump ashore, bloodthirsty devour the caretaker of the aquarium and all the spectators, and then escape into the lake!

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