Fairytale Slacking 2

Fairytale Slacking 2 girl game, play Sarah. The little girl finds herself in a lucrative country under the care of the evil snow queen. Sarah is secretly in love with Prince Tim. Your task is to help Sarah play with the prince before being caught by the queen. In this reflex game you can make snowman, snowball fight or sled to get closer to Tim. But be careful, if the queen finds out you are doing your nonsense, you will have to play and have to start again. Snow Queen covered the country with ice, but that does not really interest Sarah. The girl prefers to play with Prince Tim, who is in love. If the evil queen does not appear, take advantage of it to do everything in your head: build a snowman, send a letter, make ice sculptures. Be careful because if the queen sees you, you will have big problems. Each completed mini-game will add points to your final score. You only have a few minutes, so do not waste time. Good luck, Sarah!

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