Duck Life 4

Manage your shady chicken like training and improve your ability to win races and make money. Duck Life 4 will open all aspects of your. A fun game Learn to train these athletes in your duck life and you will be able to prepare the ward to get involved in those races.

First, you can choose a color for a player's chicken. After you earn money you can change the pili, buy clothes and do it yourself training. This process is important and important for victory, so you should take it seriously. The utenochek will be small because the first Duck's life is to win in the 4th experiment, kindergarten, but its development should start from childhood. As the hero grows he gains access to the general game. The user will be able to obtain more animals by buying additional eggs from the store where the incubation process will be done. Choose a game with tricks to offer many opportunities for easy transition.

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