Diner Dash

This is an arcade restaurant simulator. In Diner Dash this arcade with a culinary bias you will help a waitress named Flo to serve the visitors of the restaurant. Exercise customers so that they do not interfere with each other, take orders, bring food, clean dirty dishes and get tips. Clients are different, and each needs a special approach. Some customers ask the waiter to take pictures of them, others are very impatient, others do not tolerate noise from neighboring tables.

You need to serve all customers, not allowing their mood to deteriorate only in this case you will earn enough cash to go to the next level. To cope with problems will help and small tricks: remember that the chains of the same actions, as well as properly seated customers help you to earn more points and quickly pass the level. This fun arcade with elements of logic will appeal to all game lovers, who need quick reaction and delicate calculation.

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