Dead Zed 2

Dead Zed 2 is a game that is listed in the war games category. Zombies eventually arrive at the zone and you have to neutralize them to protect your zone. Target with the help of the mouse Disable all the zombies in order, respectively. The more zombies you shoot, the more you will protect your territory. You need to use your bullets well, otherwise you will be lost. In the dead Zed 2 game you are tasked with shooting the zombies one by one in your hand. At first you will start a battle with a simple weapon and you will struggle to destroy the opposite zombies. When you aim and shoot with Mouse, you will choose weapon with Q key. The space key will allow you to take a slow shot while the R key will provide you with reloading of your weapons that have run out. Their original name is Dead Zed 2, which is good fun for the game.

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