Cut The Rope 2

In the second part of the popular Cut The Rope 2 game will go on an exciting round-the-world journey in search of favorite sweets, without which one can not live a day! The mechanics of the game remained the same: cut the ropes and drop the candies of Am-Nyama in the mouth to feed the eternally hungry monster. But now the action takes place in completely unexpected locations with the participation of as many as six new characters!
First of all, Cut The Rope 2 no longer sits on the spot, but actively explores an unfamiliar world for himself. The love for gluttony drives him farther and farther, through forests, streams, city streets and garbage dumps. At each level, you are waiting for interactive objects that can complicate or simplify the passage, depending on how you use them. Graphics Cut the Rope was completely redrawn and provided with a new soundtrack. And most importantly - now he is not alone, with him faithful comrades of the same kind with him!

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