Bubble Shooter

The Bubble Shooter game with balls is like a beloved shooter with Fuzzy. It requires a certain skill, experience and skill. Manage the arrow on the screen to accurately aim and hit the ball. On the half of the screen there will be colored elements and you will have the same in turn. Aim at the balls of the same color, and when their number is 3 or more, they will disappear. Try to remove them from the game board as quickly as possible, because after a certain time they go down, forming two new rows. Below is the line and when the ball moves for it, the game will be over. Although playing at Bubble Shooter at first glance is easy, try to shoot balls meaningfully. With each new shot you will get better. After you lose, you will see a table with the result. You can save your account by typing the name in English letters. Get as many points as possible and set a new record!

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